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Choco Toucan Reserve and Lodge offers extraordinary wildlife sightings with olingos and tayras visiting  our lodge daily.  Superb birding can be enjoyed thanks to the almost 500 bird species registered in the Milpe area. Our 2 terraces and 5 observation platforms are great spots for birdwatching. Countless smaller forms of life are awaiting to be discovered by visitors.

We have 25+ hummingbird species registered so far, many of them visit our feeders daily. We also have banana feeders, special trees , plants and flowers, strategically located all around the lodge to make it a magnet for birds. Imagine watching owls and other mammals and birds right from the window of your room, well it is possible in our reserve.

Choco Toucan Wildlife Videos


Hans Heinz
Wildlife photographer and owner.

Wildlife - Choco Toucan Reserve

Choco Toucan Reserve Wildlife Gallery

All photos by Hans Heinz (owner and photo instructor)






Plan with us your visit to the Choco Andino cloud forest, one of the most biodiverse spots in the world, and get involved in our conservation project

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Travel with a purpose, Help us save the rainforest